Libros escritos por Baden-Powell

Reconnaissance and Scouting 1884
Cavalry Instruction 1885
Pigsticking or Hoghunting 1889
The Downfall of Prempeh 1896
The Matabele Campaign 1897
Aids to Scouting for N.C.O.s and Men 1899
Sport in War 1900
Notes and Instructions for the South African Constabulary 1901
Sketches in Mafeking and East Africa 1907
Scouting for Boys,1908 Yarns for Boy Scouts 1909
Scouting Games 1910 Handbook for Girl Guides (en colaboración con Agnes Baden-Powell) 1912
Boy Scouts Beyond the Seas 1913
Quick Training for War 1914
Indian Memories My Adventures as a Spy 1915
Young Knights of the Empire The Woif Cub's Handbook 1916
Girl Guiding 1918
Aids to Scoutmastership 1919
What Scouts Can Do An Old Wolf's Favourites 1921
Rovering to Success 1922
Scouting for Boys (Canadian edition: The Canadian Boy Scout) 1923
Re-issue: Pig-Sticking or Hog-Hunting (1889) 1923
The Adventures of a Spy. 1924
Reissue of: Indian Memories My Adventures as a Spy (1915)
Life's Snags and How to Meet Them 1927
Scouting and Youth Movements 1929
Scouting for Boys in India (Boys' edition) 1932
Lessons from the Varsity of Life 1933
Adventures and Accidents 1934
Scouting Round the World 1935
Adventuring to Manhood 1936
African Adventures 1937
Birds and Beasts of Africa 1938
Paddle Your Own Canoe 1939
More Sketches of Kenya 1940
Scouting for Boys (1942 Memorial edition) 1942
Aids to Scoutmastership (Definitive "World Brotherhood Edition," edited by William Hillcourt) 1944
Scouting for Boys (Definitive "World Brotherhood Edition", edited by William Hillcourt) 1946


On Vedette: An Easy Aide-Memoire 1883
The Native Levy in the Ashanti Expedition 1896
The Campaign in Rhodesia 1897
Boy Scouts Scheme--Boy Scouts: A Suggestion-Summary of Scheme-A Successful Trial 1907
A Trip to Sunshine 1909
Sea Scouting for Boys 1911
Workers or Shirkers-Boy Scouts in Connection with National Training and National Service 1911
Marksmanship for Boys 1915
Scouting Towards Reconstruction The Cub Book 1917
Steps to Girl Guiding Brownies and Bluebirds 1920
The Scout's First Book Scouting in Education 1921
South African Tour 1926-27
Aims, Methods and Needs 1929
Rover Scouts 1932
The Great Trek of the Early Scouts of South Africa 1936
About Those Boy Scouts 1939


1923 Blazing the Trail. Being wise saws and modern instances from the works of the Chief Scout. Collected por Laura Holt 1941 B-P's Outlook. Selections from The Scouter. 1956 Adventuring with Baden-Powell. Selected yarns and articles 1985 Footsteps of the Founder. A collection of quotations from Baden-Powell. Published por WOSM.


The Story of Baden-Powell - 'The Wolf That Never Sleeps', por Harold Begbie, 1900
Baden-Powell the Hero of Mafeking por W. Francis Aitken published 1900
The Chief Scout por W. Francis Aitken,1910
The Piper of Pax, por Eileen K. Wade, 1924
The Chief Scout 1924-1929, por W.J.Batchelder
Lessons from the Varsity of Life, por Lord Baden-Powell, 1933
Lessons of a Lifetime, por Lord Baden-Powell, 1933
Baden-Powell, por R.H. Kiernan, 1939
Baden-Powell, por E.E.Reynolds, 1942
Baden-Powell, por Eileen K.Wade, 1943
B-P, por E.E.Reynolds, 1943
The Baden-Powell Story, por Geoffrey Bond, 1955
Baden-Powell--The Two Lives of a Hero, por William Hillcourt (Green Bar Bill) with Olave Baden-Powell 1964
Baden-Powell, Chief Scout of The World, por Wyatt Blassingame, 1966
Scouting With Baden-Powell, por Russell Freedman, Holiday House: New York, 1967
The Gilwell Story, por Rex Hazlewood, 1969
The World Chief Guide - Lady Baden-Powell, por Eileen K. Wade, 1972
The Founding Of The Boy Scouts As Seen Through The Letters Of Lord Baden-Powell; October 1907-October 1908
Edited por Paul C. Richards, 1973
Petticoat in Mafeking, por John F. Midgley, 1974
The Chief : the Life story of Robert Baden-Powell por Eileen K. Wade, 1975
Baden-Powell, The Man Who Lived Twice, por Mary Drewery, 1975
The Brownsea Story, por William Hillcourt, 1982
The Character Factory: Baden-Powell and the Origins of the Boy Scout Movement, por Michael Rosenthal, 1986
Mowgli's Sons : Kipling and Baden-Powell's Scouts, por Hugh Brogan, 1987
Baden-Powell, por Pauline York Brower, 1989 (Un libro de fotografías)
Baden-Powell, por Tim Jeal, 1989
Robert Baden-Powell, por Julia Courtney, 1990
The Boy-Man, por Tim Jeal, 1991
The Scout's Life of Baden-Powell, por W.J. Batchelder and David Balfour
Be Prepared - The Story of Baden-Powell, por W.J. Batchelder and Balfour Twenty-seven Years With Baden-Powell, por Eileen K. Wade
The Boy, por Pat Hopkins y Heather Dugmore1999